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Welcome to wclub Singapore! In 2006, Singapore became the first multi-sport venue for the latest 28th edition of the world's most prestigious casino event, the World Casino Carnival. The festival runs from December to March and sees millions of players from around the world converge on Singapore casinos and clubs in what is probably the world's biggest gamble event.

The event has been running since the early 1970s in Singapore, now known as Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The theme of the carnival is 'One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure', a theme adopted by the Singaporean government and its transport authority who have long fought for a place of tourist interest in the country. And now that they have won, the Singapore casino industry is in full swing with a number of world-class gambling venues. Among these are the Singapore Exchange Hotel and Casino (SEAT), a refurbished facility located in an urban setting which features a wide range of venues and games for all gaming enthusiasts.

Singapore news is abundant and is more than just the traditional gaming news. The main international newspapers are published here in English and the country's largest daily newspaper, the Singapore Star is also available in English. Singapore news covers not only the gambling industry but also the non-gambling aspects of the country such as local events, arts, and culture, tourism, food, and drink. Singapore news offers all information on local events and touring sites. The Singapore Red Cross Society also publishes a local fortnightly magazine. The society also runs a number of museums and art galleries showcasing works of local artists.

Singaporean news also provides a behind the scenes look at the world of gambling, as the world's top poker players converge on the island to compete at world-renowned Singapore casinos. Singapore casino news provides the latest reports about casino industry developments both in terms of new hotels and resorts, major poker tournaments, and latest promotions and offers from Singapore casino operators. Singapore news subscribers can also obtain regular updates on various Singapore property projects, and developments as well as news on various property developments in other countries. The most popular part of Singaporean news revolves around the country's non-stop party atmosphere.

Singapore casinos face numerous obstacles both from government and non-government organizations attempting to hinder the expansion of these facilities. Recently, the Singaporean government announced a package of tax incentives to encourage the development of gambling facilities both in Singapore and overseas. Although the government released detailed explanations, local experts believe that the tax incentives are directly linked to the ongoing growth of the industry in Singapore. Other factors such as the age limit for gambling and the strict licensing policy for live gaming also contribute to the slowing down of the industry.

Today, Singapore has emerged as one of the world's leading gambling destinations attracting thousands of visitors annually. However, despite its booming popularity, Singapore casinos have faced challenges in securing necessary government approval and local ownership over many of them. Despite all these setbacks, Singapore casinos continue to expand and cater to varying tastes among its clientele. There is no doubt that these developments are one of the great attractions for travelers and tourists to Singapore. However, with a wide range of information sources at your fingertips, visiting Singapore for a good night's sleep or a week-end of fun can now be an exciting and affordable affair.